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9diDante is a vermouth brand started by European boutique spirits group, Kaliro Spirits, who sought out to change perceptions around drinking vermouth.

Since many cocktails are made with vermouth, it’s been primarily seen as an ingredient rather than a standalone drink. However, true connoisseurs know that it is meant to be savoured and understood. They know it's one hell of a drink that deserves to have the spotlight.

A drink like no other, vermouth is present in your cocktails, can be used in dinner recipes, or can simply be enjoyed in a glass with ice. We wanted to convey its versatility and create the experience of drinking and creating drinks with 9diDante vermouth to be one hell of a journey.

Based around Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, we linked 9diDante brand narrative to Italian literature, right down to the botanicals and herbs used to create the drink. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and crafted by hand for over 3 months to extract their full flavour and aroma. They work to guide our taste buds and emotions on a journey through the underworld. We conducted 2 photoshoots; one with two models that intimately illustrated each sin represented in the Divine Comedy and another that showcased various drinks that can be made with this vermouth.

We developed a visual identity and logo that showcased the botanicals and herbs in a circular fashion to reference the nine circles of Hell that Dante travels through. Each herb strategically referenced a sin, which is explained through photography and text on site. Cardamom, for example, is the spice of life that will infatuate your senses, and transport you into a rabbit hole of lust. The bottles themselves hold a wide stature at the shoulders to symbolize its independence and authority in the vermouth space.