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Contact Monkey

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Contact Monkey, one of Canada’s fastest growing brands, is a salesforce solution that aims to help improve communications and engagement in the workplace from Outlook and Gmail.

From designing a new logo to developing a full-fledged campaign, we helped Contact Monkey embrace a whole new identity. One that is fun and quirky; the opposite of what you normally associate with the words “salesforce solution”.

Being in sales is hard work, and learning about new salesforce solutions for the workplace can seem daunting, so we wanted to provide an easy-going and approachable persona to a serious product.

With this new identity, Contact Monkey spoke the language of its consumers. The brand showed that they understood them and can help them easily achieve their sales goals.

‘Do Little, Achieve Greatness’

The new identity was launched with a ‘Do Little, Achieve Greatness’ campaign. It took a comical spin on sales software by launching a series of hidden camera content which followed a particularly cheeky man in a monkey suit on his way to the office.

In the 60-second hero film, we see our office worker taking his daily commute to work, but this is not the typical drudgery of city commuting. Dressed in a monkey suit, he travels via the subway to the business district. To the amusement of bewildered onlookers, the chimp is typically mischievous as he swings from the carriage handlebars before grabbing a coffee on his way to the office. The primate arrives at his desk revealing his computer screen which features ContactMonkey’s newly re-designed logo – suggesting that the software has freed up the worker’s time to allow him the freedom to monkey around.

The fun ‘Do little, achieve greatness’ campaign aims to show the ease of achieving a company’s goals by installing and using the software which allows users to sit back, relax and achieve greatness. In the lead up to the film’s launch, the unveiling of the spot was teased with a series of mini clips and gifs on Facebook and LinkedIn. The wider campaign is also complemented by sponsored ad content featuring intriguing still shots from the monkey’s offbeat expedition on social platforms.

ContactMonkey’s brand positioning is all about freeing up users time. Alex Shifrin, managing partner at LP/AD says, “The message of ‘do little, achieve greatness’ encompasses a more human and effortless feeling that people in sales can really get on with.”