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FIOL is an Italian award-winning prosecco that blends tradition with innovation. FIOL embraces the whole Italian culture and way of living as it embodies being part of a group of friends sharing a passion for wine and enjoying every moment of life.

As part of winter holiday push, FIOL was partnering with Toronto-based restaurant The Morning After to delight its guests and encourage product trial. LP/AD developed all promo materials and led the activation. We worked with the restaurant owner to develop a special bubbly brunch menu with FIOL pairings and worked on the promo mechanics.

It may come as a surprise, but one of the most celebrated gifts that we ended up producing was a spoon. It’s said that if you place a spoon into a bottle of prosecco, by some divine magic, it’ll keep it fizzy for at least a day longer. So we wanted the guests to test the trick for themselves. Everyone who ordered the brunch menu on the weekend, got a special engraved spoon with a brunch menu purchase.

The brunch menu was a hit with the guests, and there’s more in the works.