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Gentrack, a leading global provider in the utilities sector, was looking to bring their communications up to speed with the conversation the world is having about the environmental Issues.

The agency worked alongside Gentrack to develop the new brand over a three-month process via a series of workshops, and a co-development approach. The result of that process was a messaging and visual set that reflected Gentrack’s objective of driving the utility space towards a shift in green policies through the help of technology.

KPIs & Results

Gentrack was in freefall due to poor market perceptions of management and product viability. Our work was directly fed into the process of reversing market sentiment, creating goodwill within the energy space, reversing investor trends and growing shareholder price.

From 2018 to 2021, the share price fell from $7.30 to $1.56, a drop of 79% totalling a market cap loss of $105M. The rebrand took place in early 2021 and fed into a larger partnership, product stabilization, management and communications/PR push.

From the start of 2021 to the end of 2021, the share price stabilized by midyear with growth by the end of 2021. Shares rose from $1.56 at the start of the effort to the growth of +35% to $2.10/share, a total market cap increase of $46M.

Based on the “Renewing the utilities” organizing idea, the team developed brand purpose, mission, vision; established brand values and crafted the key messaging. We also helped develop the right tone of voice and communication materials for the brand.  

Ultimately, we helped Gentrack refocus on the company’s newly developed purpose and mission rather than leading with generic product-centred messaging.

From branded applications to website all the way to office design, we helped the brand communicate its values, beliefs and focus on respect for the planet.