TM Forum is the premier global communications association, comprised of the world’s leading communications service providers, vendors, regulators, advisors and analysts.

The company was looking to reposition itself as a member-led organization that focuses on the collective energy of the people who comprise it.

The main message of the campaign became “We are the agents of change”, - something not only the Forum, but all of its members could stand behind. Instead of putting the brand in the middle of the communication, we focused on those who make it unique.

The design elements were fluid and ever changing. Each application zoomed in on a different part of the key visual to showcase that at the end of the day it’s a combination of all parts that matters most.

Visuals | In addition to the written and spoken language, there is a visual language to support the overall message. This is also defined and used in touchpoints such as the website, social media, presentation/sales collateral and campaigns.

Language | As the TM Forum is largely comprised of writers, we are updating the language we are using. This comes in the form of a messaging playbook, which defines core messaging and the language around it. This playbook permeates the TM Forum’s organizational team as well as the membership.‍